Dr. Valerie Ross developed the ThirsT Hair line of hair care products in 2009 with the desire and passion to deliver a superior product that would satisfy the hair care needs of her customers, from those with minimal needs to those with the most intensive hair care needs, and offer a natural and healthy hair care option. She understood that she would need to develop an exceptionally well-balanced product to achieve these goals.

As a scientist with a specialization in organic chemistry, she incorporated her scientific background to formulate a superior, high quality product. She has an extensive research background working as a Research and Development Analytical Chemist, Formulation Chemist, and Organic Chemist. She received her doctorate with a specialization in Organic Chemistry from the University of Liverpool, UK. She incorporates the unique global insight that she gained from her international research into the ThirsT Hair care line.

As a consumer with intensive hair care needs, she understands the needs of her customers. She has sought out to provide an alternative to the hair care products currently on the market. The ThirsT Hair care line ingredients are gentle and non-toxic and have naturally derived ingredients as the base of these conditioners. The ThirsT Hair line is not only hair friendly, but also environmentally friendly!

Valerie Ross, PhD