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Moisture + Cuticle Repair + Shine = Thirst hair

Our Customer Feedback...

Mary G.

I will definitely continue using this great product, and have recommended ThirsT hair care to family and friends….including the guys.

Suzanne V.

"I have been using the serum for approximately one month now, and have had nothing but great hair days since then! I have fine hair, as well as combination hair which is curly on the bottom and frizzy/straight on the top. Humid weather would always wreak havoc on my hair creating a frizzy, poofy mess (even after blow drying it straight and using a flat iron); however, this is no longer a problem if I use this serum."

Derek F.

"I have always been a big Paul Mitchell fan and have used his shampoo and conditioner for years. I came across the Cross Innova products and thought I would give them a try.  To my delight, the products leave my hair in better condition than the Paul Mitchell products. Using the products, my hair has great sheen and body, is hydrated (and I live in Phoenix, AZ), and doesn’t have any heavy residue."